what are microgreens?

Microgreens are tiny plants grown from seed and harvested right after the first leaves have developed. They are an easy way to enhance the nutrition, flavour, and aesthetics of any meal, and they can also be eaten as a snack on their own.

Rocket microgreens on a glass bowl

microgreens we grow

benefits of microgreens

nutritionally dense

Compared to their full-size counterparts, they are known to have higher levels of nutritional value


They grow relatively quickly and require little water, light, growing medium, and space, making them a sustainable food source


Their intense flavor can enhance any meal with their spicy, peppery, sweet, nutty, mild, earthy, or herb-like taste


Like many vegetables, they are very nutritious and may help reduce certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers

100% plant-based

The process of growing microgreens requires no animal products, making it a 100% plant-based food source


Microgreens can work as a garnish for many meals, from salads and sandwiches to woks and pizzas making them a very flexible addition to your foods