Welcome to the weekly oh! nènè microgreens update, where we talk about the latest information on our microgreens journey. We started experimenting with microgreens in March 2021 and found the process fascinating. As we discover the wonderful world of microgreens, we feel inclined to share with you our progress.

Photo shooting of our boxes

This week we took some time to take pictures of our plans, the solo (30g), the duo (60g, and the family (120g) plan. Now we need to wait for the stainless boxes to arrive so we can launch the subscription service!

Duo oh! nènè box with 60g of microgreens
Duo box with 60g of microgreens


Harvesting yields improved

This week, we harvested four trays of Radish China Rose, and the harvest yield was incredible. We only used eight cups of coconut coir per tray on the stack and still got a crazy good result:

  • – Tray 1 (top): 385g.
  • – Tray 2: 388g.
  • – Tray 3: 367g.
  • – Tray 4 (bottom): 406g.

The total harvest was 1546g, with an average of 385g. We are pleased with our harvest results!

Radish China Rose microgreens harvest
Radish China Rose microgreens harvest


Sunflower and Peas to our microgreens catalogue

As we gain more confidence in growing microgreens, we like to explore new seeds and see if we can include them in our official roster of microgreens. After doing some tests with Sunflower and Peas microgreens, we decided that it would be a great idea to have both of them in our catalogue. You can find here our Sunflower microgreen page and our Pea microgreen page.

Pea microgreens bouquet
Pea microgreens


New seeds

Once again, as we wish you to expand our catalogue of microgreens, we decided to invest in five new seeds to play around with and see which ones we would like to include in our microgreens catalogue: Cress, Kohlrabi, Mizuna Red, Mustard Green and Radish Daikon. We got them from a new organic provider in Italy, and we want to test the seed quality and the microgreens.

Mizuna red seeds
Mizuna red seeds


Microgreens update

Our weekly giveaway is Radish China Rose!

We grew four trays of Radish China Rose microgreens, and we are happy to give them away to anyone interested in trying them. Get in touch with us to plan a date/time so you can come and pick up your microgreens!

Radish China Rose microgreens
Radish China Rose microgreens



Last week, we started four trays of Arugula microgreens. They are looking very well, and we will be harvesting these trays very soon!

Arugula microgreens
Arugula microgreens


Broccoli Calabrese

This week, we started four new trays of Broccoli Calabrese, one of our favourites. They are all looking wonderfully, and we should be harvesting these next week.

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens trays
Broccoli Calabrese microgreens


Cress, Kohlrabi, Mizuna Red and Mustard Green

We also wanted to start with the new seeds as soon as possible to understand how these will be.

Covered trays of microgreens on a rack
New seeds on trays


Thank you for your time, and until next week!