Welcome to the weekly oh! nènè microgreens update, where we talk about the latest information on our microgreens journey. We started experimenting with microgreens in March 2021 and found the process fascinating. As we discover the wonderful world of microgreens, we feel inclined to share with you our progress.

A bigger yield

Two weeks ago, we started a stack of four trays of Broccoli Calabrese microgreens and added more coconut coir to the bottom two trays. We noticed that the bottom trays with more coconut coir produced a bigger yield, whereas the two upper trays produced fewer microgreens. Overall, we were impressed by the yield of our harvest. Here below more details:

  • – Tray 1 (top): 193g.
  • – Tray 2: 198g.
  • – Tray 3: 232g.
  • – Tray 4 (bottom): 253g.

In total, we harvested 876g of Broccoli Calabrese microgreens for an average of 219g per tray.

A bowl with harvested Broccoli Calabrese microgreens
Broccoli Calabrese microgreens harvest


More medium, better yield?

After noticing that the lowest trays, which contained more medium, had a more significant yield, we wonder if adding more medium to the upper trays would increase our output. We will do some experiments to see if it makes a difference next time.

Microgreens update

Our weekly giveaway is Broccoli Calabrese!

Two weeks ago, we started our Broccoli Calabrese and got some impressive yield results! Now, we are happy to give it all away to those interested in having a taste. Get in touch with us to plan a date/time so you can come and pick up your microgreens!

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens
Broccoli Calabrese microgreens


Red Cabbage

Last week, we started a stack of four trays of red cabbage. So far, so good, and everything is looking great! It was our first time doing the stacking technique with Red Cabbage for us.

Red Cabbage microgreens
Red Cabbage microgreens
Four trays of Red Cabbage microgreens
Red Cabbage microgreens



We also started Pea last week, and although the germination rate was shallow, it looks great. We believe the low germination rate is due to the quality of the seeds.

Pea microgreens shoots
Pea shoots



This week, we decided to start one tray of Basil to give it a try one more time. We know Basil is a slow grower, and it takes a long time before you can harvest. We are excited to go through the process and see what will be of it!

Basil microgreens shoots
Basil shoots


Radish China Rose

Radish China Rose is one of our favourite seeds to grow microgreens. We started a stack of four trays, and soon it will be our weekly giveaway!

Radish China Rose seeds germinating on coconut coir
Radish China Rose seeds



It has been a long time since we grew Sunflowers microgreens, and we are very excited to see how it will go with the new trays and setup.

Sunflower seeds on coconut coir
Sunflower seeds


Thank you for your time, and until next week!