Welcome to the weekly oh nènè microgreens update, where we talk about the latest information on our microgreens journey. We started experimenting with microgreens in March 2021 and found the process fascinating. As we discover the wonderful world of microgreens, we feel inclined to share with you our progress.

New video on how to use the reusable mesh

We took the time to create a “how-to” video for our reusable microgreen meshes because we want to help you better understand how to use them and make the best of them. You can check the video on our YouTube channel, on our reusable meshes product pages, or right here below.

The video covers sowing, watering, harvesting and cleaning the meshes.

New individual microgreen guides on the making

This week, we started creating a new series of guides to growing microgreens the way we do it. The idea is that everyone can follow everything we do to obtain the same results as we do. The guide will be publicly available, and we hope it can help anyone interested in growing their microgreens. Once ready, we will announce it via our blog as well.

oh nènè microgreens growing room with a camera on a tripod
oh nènè microgreens growing room


More trays from Garland

We got a new batch of Garland microgreens trays since our stock was running low. It is scary to see the trays arriving home since they are so many! We are happy we can replenish our inventory and keep providing other growers with materials to grow their microgreens.

Pallet with Garland microgreen trays
Pallet with Garland trays


Thank you for your time, and until next week!