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from sowing to cleaning and everything in between

It was very difficult for us to find detailed information on how to grow microgreens. There are many videos and blog posts out there, but we were still often wondering about the nitty-gritty details. So this is where we share our experience with you. We’re constantly improving our techniques and evolving and we’ll keep things updated!

grow room setup

We regularly get questions about our setup, so this post gives you an overview of the materials we use.

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Rack with microgreens
Frilly Pea microgreens growing on one Garland reservoir tray

general growing guide

We created our microgreens growing guide to help you start your experimental journey to grow microgreens.

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facebook group

We started a Facebook group dedicated to microgreen growers located in Europe. While doing our research, we noticed it was often difficult to find information on growing microgreens in Europe. Many aspects are specific to location, e.g. where to find materials like growing racks, lights, trays, and seeds. But also how to set prices, approach shops, markets, etc.

The group already counts over 130 members! Feel free to join if you feel like sharing experiences and asking for advice.

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