oh nènè microgreens at Pédalo Cooperative Ixelles

Microgreens update week 20-22

This week we started selling at more bio shops in Brussels. We also did some microgreens tasting to inform customers about our products.

oh nènè microgreens on a glass jar with a label

Microgreens update week 19-22

We are selling to shops for the first time, and we got great results with sunflower microgreens on a coarse mesh!

Cilantro microgreens harvested

Microgreens update week 18-22

This week, we got our cilantro microgreens results and discovered how moisture during germination affects sunflower microgreens.

Cilantro microgreens on reusable mesh

Microgreens update week 17-22

Growing cilantro microgreens on reusable mesh medium. Trying new sunflower microgreens experiments and eliminating weight on germination.

Sunflower seeds germinating on coconut coir

Microgreens update week 16-22

We started a new test to grow microgreens with sunflower and cilantro seeds this week. We also adjusted our germination rates.

Microgreens update week 15-22

New video on how to use the reusable microgreen meshes grow medium. Preparing growing microgreen guides and a batch of Garland trays

Microgreens on glass jars

Microgreens update week 14-22

Fewer Ruches to distribute and fewer cycles to grow. Microgreens germination without weight and no blackout for Radish or Broccoli

Mould damage on red mizuna microgreens tray

Microgreens update week 13-22

Mould problems with drying dead matter in the grow room and growing pea microgreens with only a Garland reservoir tray.

oh nènè microgreens growing room

Microgreens update week 12-22

Our growing room improved, new packaging for microgreens test and a new video to highlight the Garland microgreen trays!

Red Mizuna microgreens

Microgreens update week 11-22

This week, we adjusted some critical aspects of our growing schedule for Mizuna, Rocket, Broccoli Calabrese and Pea microgreens.

Microgreens roots drying on a mesh

Microgreens update week 09-22

This week we experimented with reusable meshes to grow microgreens, not using a mesh, and eliminating a growing tray to grow microgreens!

Oh nènè microgreens intermediate growing mesh with seeds

All about our reusable microgreen mesh grow medium

After a lot of investigating and experimenting, we found a reusable growing medium that we love. In this post, I cover everything from finding our…

Red Mizuna microgreens

Microgreens update week 08-22

Sunflower soaking times. There are some benefits and issues of using meshes to grow microgreens and a couple of Danish trolleys!

Plastic mesh to grow microgreens

Microgreens update week 07-22

This week, we started a new sunflower microgreens experiment. We also started with cilantro seeds for the first time and failed miserably!

Pea Frilly seeds on hand

Microgreens update week 06-22

This week we started sowing new seeds, and we experienced some trouble with Sunflower. We also adjusted the number of seeds when sowing.

Why it matters that we’re a vegan business

We're a vegan business. For microgreen growers that might be a given, but it's not and we explain why!

Microgreen trays with seeds during sowing day: sunflower, peas, mizuna and kohlrabi seeds

Microgreens update week 05-22

Busy with four Ruches forces us to find better planning to grow our microgreens. We adapted our sowing schedule to be more efficient.

microgreens grow rack

Our microgreens grow room setup

We regularly get questions about our setup, so this post gives you an overview of the materials we use.

oh nènè degustation stand at La Ruche Auderghem Brussels

Microgreens update week 04-22

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, degustations and logistical problems with a growing operation of microgreens like washing trays and cold temperatures.

logo la ruche qui dit oui

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui / Boeren & Buren

We are launching at La Ruche Qui Dit Oui / Boeren & Buren at Schaerbeek on Wednesdays and Auderghem on Saturdays. See you soon!

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens on a stainless steel mesh

Microgreens update week 50

This week we go more into using a heater for our growing room and some of the results from using stainless steel meshes.

Speckled Pea microgreens from the side

Microgreens update week 45

This week we got our new logo. We also included Cress, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Mizuna, and Speckled Pea in our microgreens catalogue!

Mizuna Red microgreens

Microgreens update week 44

We had some germination problems due to the decrease in temperature. We will seek for a temporary solution to increase our germination rate.

coconut husks

Peat moss vs Coconut coir: Which is more sustainable?

Our research to understand wether peat moss or coconut coir is the more sustainable alternative. Both have disadvantages.

Radish China Rose microgreens

Microgreens update week 43

This week we saw impressive results on the yields of our Radish China Rose microgreens, and we got five new seeds!

Rack with microgreen trays

Microgreens update week 42

Our webshop is live, and we are selling Garland 10x20 trays, coconut coir and a Starter Kit! We also got an excellent yield from Red Cabbage!

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens

Microgreens update week 41

This week we obtained a great yield of Broccoli Calabrese microgreens harvests due to increasing the medium on our trays.

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens

Microgreens update week 40

This week we believe we found the solution to the weight mystery when stacking trays to grow microgreens. We created a new schedule as well!

Arugula microgreens

Microgreens update week 39

This week we talk about using weight using the stacking technique and our weekly giveaway of microgreens to anyone interested!

Radish China Rose microgreens

Microgreens update week 38

This week we got a new stainless steel box to test with our microgreens, and we used for the first time the Bionova Cocobricks.

Broccoli Calabrese microgreens on trays

Microgreens update week 37

This week we tested our full setup for the first time, we got the racks, lights, fans, trays, coconut coir and organic seeds.

Red cabbage microgreens, half not harvested, and half harvested

Microgreens update week 36

This week we talk about using the blackout technique vs not using it. We got our new Garland trays, and we started the stacking technique!

Red beet microgreens

Microgreens update week 34

This week we had a successful result from our weight experiments, we got our coconut coir pallet, and our new LED growing lights!

Red cabbage microgreens exposed to the light for the first time

Microgreens update week 33

This week we did experiments with water, weight and containers for our microgreens. We ran into some problems and found some insights!

Arugula microgreens

Microgreens update week 32

Gearing up for larger-scale production and using hydrogen peroxide for the first time to sanitise our trays before sowing new seeds.

Microgreens farm rack with two trays per shelf

Microgreens update week 31

Shifting to organic seeds, optimizing our space and getting a new rack. Our microgreens farm is growing and we still have lots more to do!

Radish microgreens on a bowl

Microgreens update week 30

Problems with reusing a growing medium related to mold when growing microgreens. Switching to organic seeds and doing lots of research.

Broccoli raab seeds on glass

Figuring out broccoli seed names

Our research to understand the difference between broccoli italica, calabrese and raab. Some are synonyms and others different species.

Four trays of microgreens rests under the sunlight

Microgreens update week 29

This week I lost two full crops of microgreens due to unknown problems. I reused coconut coir for the first time to start fresh microgreens!

Fenugreek microgreens growing on a 10x20 tray

Microgreens update week 28

This week, I ran into some problems with mold-related humidity. What is the right amount of humidity to grow microgreens?

Red cabbage microgreens on day 7 from sowing

Microgreens update week 27

This week I investigated about reusing coconut coir as a medium for my microgreens. I also had some trouble with my red clover microgreens.

Red clover microgreens

Microgreens update week 26

This week, arugula and red clover microgreens grew very well within a week, and I started broccoli and red cabbage once again.

Red clover microgreens closeup

Microgreens update week 25

This week I saw some drawbacks on my mustard microgreens due to weight.

Red cabbage microgreens closeup

Microgreens update week 24

Update from my microgreens journey, week 24. Experimenting with weight, harvesting and seed sowing density

Microgreens update week 23

From today, I want to document my journey with the microgreens. I started experimenting a few months ago with these little plants, and I have gone a…