about us

oh nènè is a family-run microgreens business based in Brussels

Dani Osorio and Sarah Denayer, founders of oh! nènè

Hi! We’re Sarah and Dani, and we are a family of four with two children living in Brussels. We are vegan for the animals, the planet, and our health, and hence, we eat a lot of whole plant-based foods.

For several years now, we have been trying to live more in sync with nature by reducing our footprint in the world. As parents, we question our habits as humans and the status quo since we are concerned with the future of this planet for the next generations.

Dani believes that leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to long-term health and self-care. Sarah cares a lot about delicious tasty foods and the enjoyment of a family meal. We have found that microgreens are the perfect combination for both of our needs, health and taste.

how oh nènè was born

At the beginning of 2021, Dani got interested in microgreens due to their dense nutritional values and started researching how to grow them for our family. After giving them a try, growing them on a small scale, and seeing how tasty and fun they were on our meals, we decided to start a family business to bring microgreens to more people and families in Brussels.

Rack with microgreen trays

A piece of our urban farm

what is oh nènè for us

We don’t want just any business. We want to lead a company that matches our values by being responsible and respectful towards the environment, animals and, of course, people.

That’s why at oh nènè we want to be transparent with you by showing you our efforts to reduce our impact and waste to the minimum. There’s no other way for us. We have carefully questioned every step of our process to understand where we can do better, and we know there’s always room for improvement.

We are committed to making conscious decisions regarding our business and help make a positive difference to leave a healthy planet for our children to grow.

Please feel free to contact us at hola@ohnene.be or go to our contact page to see other ways to reach us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Sarah & Dani